C-Clamp: Using a Vertical Surface for Stability

In a dynamic scenario, a smart gunner will use every advantage they can get. In this Trigger Time TV clip, Frank Proctor of the Way of the Gun shows us the “c-clamp.” This technique allows you to use a vertical surface to not only provide cover, but mitigate recoil and add extra support. When you’re reaching out to 100, 200, or 300 yards and beyond, any additional stability is quite helpful on getting that bullet to its target. Want to see how he does it? Watch this short clip:

About Frank Proctor

Frank Proctor is the founder of Way of the Gun, a performance firearm training facility in Talladega, Alabama. Proctor spent over 18 years in the military; 11 of which were spent in the Special Forces. After years of military training, Proctor got interested in competitive shooting, where he reached Grand Master in Limited division and Master ranking in IDPA Stock Service Pistol. Now Frank spends his time teaching shooters the proper application of speed and accuracy by focusing on Fundamentals and Principles of Performance Marksmanship, efficient techniques to manipulate firearms, and how to see and move fast. For more information, check out his website, Way of the Gun.

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