Patrick Kelley Shows Off The Best .22 Conversion for 1911

A couple weeks ago we followed Patrick Kelley as he went to a Steel Challenge match with a couple of after-market handgun products to see how they work. Usually, Patrick likes to take a brand new gun to these matches in his popular “Out of the Box and into the Match” review series. But, sometimes we wanna see how some of the after market upgrades work. Last time, he shot with the Taylor Freelance Front Sight Block on his Glock. This week he’s showing off the Nelson Custom 22 Conversion kit for the 1911. So, this time around it isn’t completely brand new as Mr. Kelley needed to find the proper grip frame/magazine/ammunition combination. Wanna see how well this conversion kit performs during the rigors of a pistol match? Watch here:

Patrick seems to be pretty excited to have found a .22 long rifle conversion kit that actually works well on the standard 1911 grip frame. Designed by renown 1911 designer Bob Marvel for Nelson Custom, this .22 conversion kit can really shoot! Of course, the weight of a 1911 frame can balance out the already light recoil of 22 rimfire, allowing for super fast follow-up shots. But a conversion kit that stays accurate downrange? That’s even more impressive. In fact, Patrick said he could even shoot bullseye matches with it if he were so inclined. Probably the most astounding part was having only one malfunction during the entire day. Anyone who has shot a lot of rimfire understands that having the occasional squib and light strike is pretty common.

During the accuracy testing portion, Patrick showed off the best pair of 5 shot groups at a standard 25 yards with different .22 LR ammo loads. With Federal Gold Medal Ultramatch .22 he shot 1.4″ and 1.3″ groups; with Aguila Target .22 he shot .8″ and 1″ groups, 1.5″ and 1.4″ groups with CCI Green Tag .22lr, 1″-1.5″ groups with Federal Automatch loads, and 1.1″ to 1.9″ groups with Wolf Match Extra .22.

If you’re in the market for a quality .22 Long Rifle conversion kit for your 1911, you should definitely check out Nelson Custom Guns. We don’t sell them on Defender Outdoors, but if you’re interested, you can check them out here: Thanks for the great review, Patrick!

Video courtesy of Patrick Kelley. Give him a like or follow to help him keep making these videos. Conversion Kit courtesy of Nelson Custom. Ammunition courtesy of Federal Premium. Patrick shoots Savage Rifles with Burris Optics, uses MGM Targets, and is sponsored by us, Defender Outdoors. Got a question for Pat? Leave a comment on his video or on here and he’ll get back to you as soon as he can!

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  1. Bought a great kit from Sig for my 226. From 40 to 22 and handles and shoots great! At my age, 68, I just cannot handle the repetitive recoil like I once could. My wrists just do not have the padding that they once had! As a kid, I shot my favorite .22 High Standard and could not wait until I could afford something bigger! Now I can afford what I want and I’m back to .22! Go figure! Just wish .22 was back on the shelf like before!