Berger’s New Classic Hunter Bullets

Great news for reloaders, Berger has released a new set of bullets! Berger’s new Classic Hunter bullets were just announced on November 1st, and are designed for the most discriminating shooters and outdoorsmen who insist their loaded rounds function flawlessly through any rifle magazine. The Classic Hunter series is focused on factory rifles where SAAMI specifications need to be met, rather than wildcat rounds and chambers.

For those who prefer to carefully craft their hunting loads, it is hard to beat Berger’s new Classic Hunter series of bullets. These bullets require no special twist rates, custom barrels, or special reloading prep, yet still offer fantastic downrange accuracy and consistency. The Ballistic Coefficient of the Classic Hunter projectiles exceeds other market copies due to Berger’s unique ogive properties coming from their innovative hybrid-shaped meplat (bullet nose). This technological design allows for ballistic performance without the sensitivity of bullet seating depth that is often found in other projectiles.

Berger’s New Classic Hunter Series bullets come in a 135 grain 6.5mm projectile, a 140 grain .270 caliber projectile, and a 150 grain 7mm bullet. These three new bullets compliment the other Classic Hunter projectiles in 6mm and .30 caliber. Here is a list of all Classic Hunter bullets available:

Berger Classic Hunter Table

Berger Bullets ballistician Bryan Litz stated:

The Classic Hunter provides a unique solution that shares the hybrid design and ballistic properties of a match-quality target bullet, yet allows hunters magazine feed reliability. Now reloaders from entry-level through expert class have an obvious choice for their next hunt.

To assist hunters and reloaders with their new Classic Hunter series, Berger has also released their reloading data both in book form and a web-accessible version.

Are you a reloader? Will you be trying Berger’s new Classic Hunter bullets? Let us know in the comments!

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