Beretta Px4 Box to Match Review!

Due to a technological disaster, this week’s Out of the Box and to the Match Gun Review is actually a re-shoot. After Pat shot the Beretta Px4 Storm in a match, he found that the memory card in his video camera was bad, and so he decided to shoot a new video this week. Like other Box to Match review, the Beretta hasn’t undergone any after-market tweaks or adjustments, just a standard clean and oil.

The Beretta Px4 Storm was introduced in 2004 and has been adopted by many smaller armed forces across the world and police departments in the U.S. Using a lightweight polymer frame, the hammer-fired Px4 uses a modular design for easy field stripping and replacing components to fit the shooter. When it was released, it was quite a departure from Beretta’s previous designs. The Px4 Storm uses a rotating barrel design, like the Beretta Cougar, but features a trigger and hammer-drop safety similar to the renown Beretta 92 series.

Patrick may be over-extending himself this week, shooting three different guns during the match. Will the Px4 live up to the Beretta name? Let’s take a look and see:

Pat had a little user error in the beginning. His big hands activated the mag release on his opening salvo (if you’ve never had that issue, I envy your smaller hands.) It also seemed the holster was gripping the gun a little too tight, causing a slower draw. Pat was using a holster designed for a Glock 21, and the Px4 is surprisingly bigger and wider than the Glock 21. But, the Beretta Px4 Storm didn’t seem to have any technical malfunctions throughout the match.

During accuracy testing the Beretta performed pretty well. At 25 yards the Px4 shot 2.5″ groups with Federal Train + Protect 115gr HP, 3.15″ groups with American Eagle 115gr FMJ, 3.3″ groups with American Eagle 124gr FMJ, a tight 1.7″ group with Blazer 115gr FMJ, and 1.9″ groups with 147gr American Eagle FMJ ammo. Obviously, the Px4 Storm prefers heavier 9mm loads, but also performed very will with inexpensive CCI Blazer ammo.

Pat explains a little more about the trigger on the Px4 Storm. The action is SA/DA, so you have to very different trigger pulls. In Double Action, the trigger pull is a very smooth 10.5 pounds. In Single Action, the pull is dropped down to 5.5 pounds, but has a substantial amount of take up. Pat also mentioned that the grip is a little too slick and would need some grip tape or stippling to increase the purchase on the grip.

Video courtesy of Patrick Kelley. Give him a like or follow to help him keep making these videos. Firearm courtesy of Beretta USA via Ammunition courtesy of Federal Premium. Patrick shoots Savage Rifles with Burris Optics, uses MGM Targets, and is sponsored by us, Defender Outdoors. Got a question for Pat? Leave a comment on his video or on here and he’ll get back to you as soon as he can!