April Fools in the Firearms Industry

April 1st, commonly known as April Fools’ Day, is always fun time to be on the internet. Many of the big technology giants like Google, Netflix, and Snapchat had their fun on the day, as did many other brands and companies like Coffee-Mate, Burger King, and Bush’s Baked Beans. Even Russia had some fun with the holiday. But firearms companies rarely join in the fun. Whether it is a worry that guns shouldn’t be taken as a joke or the companies being too busy to bother with silly pranks, the firearms industry seems to be mostly devoid of humor on April Fools’ Day. April 1st 2017, however, was a bit different.

Heckler and Koch Releases HK VP45!

HK’s VP9 is a very popular handgun and fans of the polymer-framed, striker-fired 9mm carry gun have been asking for a .45 ACP version. HK listened to their concerns and decided to release a new VP45 this April. Since the .45 is a substantially bigger round, they had to make some changes to the design…

Of course, any firearms historian or HK fan could tell you that the gun pictured with the VP9 is not a VP45, but rather the VP70. The original Volkspistole (“People’s Pistol”) was released in 1970 and is well known as the first polymer-framed handgun on the market. It would take Gaston Glock another 12 years to develop his famous polymer-framed Glock 17. The striker-fired VP70 was very unique in its day, not just because of the polymer frame, but also because it featured a holster that could be attached and folded into a stock. When the stock was mounted on the handgun, the VP70 could fire in three round bursts, full-auto, or semi-automatic. Most VP70’s were chambered in 9mm Parabellum, though a limited number were chambered in 9x21mm IMI due to laws preventing civilian use of the 9x19mm cartridge.

For those waiting on a VP model in .45 ACP, it looks like they’ll be waiting a little longer.

Vortex Optics and Hornady Ammunition Team Up to Bring You the Bullet-Cam

Don’t you hate when you’re shooting long distances and you can’t see if you hit the target through your riflescope or spotting scope? You need to check your aim, but sometimes the shot gets lost. Well, that’s no longer an issue thanks to Vortex Optics and Hornady! By using innovative microtechnology, advanced ballistics, and cloud computing, the companies have developed a long range projectile with a tiny camera in the ballistic tip. The footage is sent to the cloud and can be viewed through the app on your smart phone. Check it out:

Unfortunately, this product is another April Fools’ joke. We would love to see what our bullet sees as it travels down the barrel and down the range, but technology just isn’t there yet. (Though it probably never will be, to be honest.) The bulk of the camera equipment would definitely affect the ballistics of the bullet, and the speed of the bullet would be pretty hard to capture without some really advanced slow-motion technology. Not to mention the price would make these rounds too valuable to shoot very often. But, it does make for a funny joke! After a lot of interest in the product, Vortex decided to shelve the project:

Apex Tactical offers Gunsmith Fit Universal Trigger

This new trigger kit from Apex Tactical Specialties will make choosing a new trigger system on any gun a piece of cake. The bright red anodized aluminum trigger kit needs some slight gunsmith fitting, but will reduce trigger pull, smooth out uptake and reset, and will reduce pre-travle, over-travel, and reset. After fitting, the trigger will fit nearly any firearm, but will not work Bryco, Hi-Point, Jennings, Lorcin, Raven, Star, or other “Saturday Night Special”-types of firearms. See how it works:

Of course, this isn’t a real product and could never work. However, Apex Tactical does offer a full line of replacement triggers that can dramatically improve the function and performance of your firearm.

Did we miss a good gun joke? Did you enjoy these “pranks” from April Fools in the Firearms Industry? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I use 4 Vortex rifle scopes and use Hornaday ammo and just so you know this sort of thing tends to piss me off April Fool’s or not. I take long distance shooting as a very serious matter and this is just off the chart in stupidity.

  2. I had some serious issues fitting it to my Daisy Red Ryder, and then afterwards, I saw no improvement in trigger pull at all.. Not worth the $275.00 price …Don’t buy it!..

  3. I’d hate to see the nausea-inducing spin of the images when the hypothetical Bullet-Cam was fired from any rifled barrel. Presuming actual workable optics and wireless tech, you’d have to shoot from a smooth bore weapon to avoid on hell of a carnival-ride video.

  4. Alvin, just so you know I take my April fools day jokes as a very serious matter and your kind of non humorousness really pisses me off. You are just off the chart stupid. With your 4 vortex scopes one would think you could see things clearly. Whoa is you.

  5. Nice to see HK actually trying to be jovial. The VP70 , I regard as the Edsel of the gun industry.
    As far as the Vortex bullet cam, That kind of tech is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Just be a bit more expensive.

  6. The best was ” Brownells Expands into Tactical Falconary ” hilarious !!
    They even offer a falcon night hunter “owl conversion kit ” ! Falcon handler first aid and suture kits …wow ! Check it out !