A 12 Gauge with AR Parts

A semi-auto 12 gauge with AR parts compatibility. I like the thought of that. Like a lot of shooters, I have a closet chock-full of spare AR buttstocks, triggers, sights, and grips. After building an embarrassingly large number of ARs in various calibers, having the freedom to use those leftover goodies to piece together something that blasts forth 12-gauge goodness sounds more than a little appealing.

Sporting VEPR 12 magazines, the weapon boasts a 3″ chamber and ambidextrous controls. Interestingly, users can adopt AR-15 compatible drop-in triggers as well. I’ve got a POF single-stage 4.5 lb trigger that needs a new home anyway!

The price looks to be set at $1,400, which may seem steep. However, Chaos could presumably make a huge dent in the 3-gun mark at that price point.

Chaos Inc said on a recent social media post, “We are working diligently to get this bad boy up and running for you guys to see. We are expecting to do our first live firing of the weapon Live on Facebook on the 4th of July, 2017.”

Chaos has a waiting list for the potential CHAOS-12 shotgun, you can sign up here.


Product Specifications

Caliber 12 Gauge (2 3/4″-3″)
  • Uses VEPR 12 Magazines
  • Finger Guard Quick drop mag Release and Magwell
  • Adjustable AR-15 stocks and Folding Stocks
  • Ambidextrous Controls
  • AR-15 drop in Triggers
  • Interchangeable rifled or smooth Remington 12 Gauge Barrels threaded for muzzles devices
  • Adjustable gas system (by hand. no tools required. not even a shell)
  • Complete Take down with no tools
  • Monolithic 1913 top Rail
  • Keymod Hand guard
  • AR-15 Grip
  • More Features coming soon…
Length To Be Announced
Weight To Be Announced
Coating MILITARY SPECIFICATION MIL-A-8625 or (Type III Hard anodize, Non-Reflective) MIL SPEC Black Oxide Coatings
Manufacturer Chaos Inc. Evansville, IN United States
Country of Manufacture 100% Made in the United States of America

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  1. So many guns, so little money, looks like a very good home defense package!
    I can see it now….. ” California bans new assault shotgun”.

  2. for 14 clams, I can think of at least 100 other less spendy alternatives for home defense. I guess if you’re a SWAT Team wannabe with Daddy’s credit card, this is just the toy for you. But how long after you burn thru a box of 12 ga shells does the charm wear off & it becomes just another expensive and impractical gee-gaw lining your gunsafe? It will bust up water jugs, clays and ‘splody targets out at the range, but most folks have an attention span that prompts them to utter “now what” shortly after firing the pricey toy. You’re not gonna take it out trapshooting, dove & quail hunting, so there’s no multifaceted utility for it.

    Drop in trigger ready? The article’s author is obviously marketing driven. Even shooting slugs, you’re not gonna need a $150+ match trigger to shrink those groups on paper.

    As I see it, it’s just one more thing to sit in the corner waiting to be vacuumed around and dusted.

    • SPOT On.: Te VAlue of the paper $ is not worth the overpriced Toy. Militayr adn LEI maybe but Home defense a good Semi Auto and a back up Pump are fine with me with tActical AR style furniture kits works for me.There would be no Jobs for the Industry without reports. I still use my BA Rifles for LDPS and Varment and Yote hunting.I have a Shot Gun and my ARś I like,in the stand alone in the corner of my Bedroom now. I get more dry practice with them than shoot as Ammo prices keep going up.As you get older the I gotta have it wears off like Fighting Left wing Govt on Gun Rights. and have Sold what I don’t need and buy more ammo and reloading stuff.

      I do believe in training with any gun will do theory but more than i can store has worn off.as more People are holding back now and mistakenly think Trump saved the day, though I voted for him.The Talk time is over.Let’s just get it on while we are all Armed and get it over with.

      The Left wing TV news Fear mongering is getting Old.Year in and year out.What would the Gun lobby do without US living in constant fear. We are prepared belive me.

  3. I agree, but we haven’t had a lot of zombies lately (other than the liquid kind). Apparently they don’t realize I’m counting on my cheap-ass Mossberg short barrel 12 ga. to keep them at bay. All it does is reliably discharge ammunition at the intended target without looking like a sexy little AR.

  4. AZShooter, if you note though, the author mentions the 3 gun market, which is the real purpose for this gun and also for the match trigger. If the trigger on both your long guns is exactly the same there is no transition to be made. There are already a couple of top tier 3 gun shooters using AR style shotguns, but these have interchangeable parts with their other long gun, so a definite plus. Sure there will be some that add it just for fun or to look at, and that’s ok too!

  5. Looks great but a little late to the game. I built a very custom MKA-1919 with as many US made parts as available several years ago. It’s nice to see another US made gun but like I said, a little late and not really a new idea. Hopefully for them the adjustable gas piston sets them apart from the rest.

  6. How about someone reintroducing the true AR based shotgun, the Daewoo USAS 12. Imported into the USA in the late 80’s the USAS was a beast, reliable, and well made it was banned during the import squeeze under clinton.