Ruger to Chamber The Precision Rifle in 5.56mm NATO

Ruger officially announced another caliber for their very popular Precision Rifle line. The newest kid on the block will boast the intermediate 5.56mm NATO cartridge. Ruger already produces their rifle in .308 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor and the new hot caliber, the 6mm Creedmoor (that’s not a typo).

Ruger Precision Rifle

Ruger Precision Rifle

Ruger reported that the new rifle will support a hybrid chamber capable of firing both 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington cartridges, so shooters won’t have to be too picky if they want to shoot up their cheap AR target ammo. Like it’s larger caliber siblings, the rifle will maintain the in-line recoil system and modular design. Adopters of the new gun will receive two 10-round AI-Style precision rifle magazines designed to handle the longer, higher ballistic coefficient projectiles long-range target shooters often utilize.

The Precision rifle comes supplied with the usual cold hammer-forged free-floated barrel in 4140 chrome-moly steel with 5R rifling for the best possible performance. The barrel features a 1:7 twist rate built for stabilizing long-for-caliber projectiles.

The rifle also boasts a left-folding stock with adjustable comb height and length of pull. The trigger is user-adjustable for a pull weight range between 2.25 and 5 pounds. The standard Ruger Precision Rifle handguard is also present, but can be swapped out with standard AR style components. Also featured is the Ruger Precision Rifle Muzzle Brake to reduce recoil while minimizing noise and blast away from the shooter.

Initially, the gun will sell for $1,599. Prices will drop as Ruger’s supply catches up.


Product Details:

  • 5.56 NATO “Target” chamber safely accommodates 5.56 NATO cartridges while providing maximum projectile control and accuracy for both 5.56 NATO and .223 Rem cartridges.
  • Medium-contour barrel features a Ruger Precision Rifle® Hybrid Muzzle Brake to effectively reduce recoil while minimizing noise and blast to the sides of the shooter (thread protector included).
  • Cold hammer-forged 4140 chrome-moly steel barrel with 5R Rifling at minimum bore and groove dimensions, minimum headspace and centralized chamber.
  • 20 MOA Picatinny rail secured with four, #8-40 screws for increased long-range elevation capabilities.
  • “Upper” receiver and one-piece bolt are precision CNC-machined from pre-hardened 4140 chrome-moly steel to minimize distortion.
  • Three-lug bolt with 70° throw features dual cocking cams and a smooth-running, full diameter bolt body.
  • In-line recoil path manages recoil directly from the rear of the receiver to the buttstock, not through a traditional bedding system, providing maximum accuracy potential.
  • Ruger Precision MSR stock with QD sling attachment points features a bottom Picatinny rail and soft rubber buttpad. The left-folding stock hinge is attached to an AR-style buffer tube and accepts any AR-style stock. Length of pull and comb height are adjustable.
  • Equipped with a Ruger Precision Rifle® Short-Action Handguard for improved scope clearance for long-range scopes.
  • Magazine well front is contoured for a positive grip for bracing against shooting supports.
  • Oversized bolt handle for positive bolt manipulation, with 5/16″-24 thread for easy replacement. Bolt disassembly tool is stored in the bolt shroud for easy striker channel cleaning. Also features a Ruger Precision Rifle Billet Aluminum Bolt Shroud.
  • “Lower” magazine well halves are precision machined from aerospace-grade 7075-T6 aluminum and are Type III hard coat anodized for maximum durability.
  • Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger is externally adjustable with a pull weight range of 2.25 to 5.0 lbs.; wrench is stored in the bolt shroud.
  • Extended trigger-reach AR-style grip and 45° reversible safety selector. May be configured with any AR-style grip and selector.
  • Barrels can be easily replaced by a competent gunsmith using AR-style wrenches and headspace gauges.
  • Also includes: Two, 10-round, Ruger AI-Style Precision Rifle magazines compatible with longer, higher ballistic coefficient projectiles.

Interested in trying the 5.56mm NATO version of the Ruger Precision Rifle? Tell us what you think in the Comments!

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  1. I already own both the .308 version and one of the upgraded (enhanced) 6.5 Creedmoor. So looking forward to getting the 5.56 version now because I will save so much on the ability to fire cheaper ammo.

  2. Thats awesome! I have been waiting on the 6.5 since october of 16′ . So since you cant keep up with the demand of the existing orders you are going to break out two more options? Bone head move Ruger! You have already almost lost this customer are you trying real hard to lose more?