Defender’s SHOT Show Favorites (So Far)

SHOT Show is an exciting adventure. Miles of walking, shoulder-to-shoulder foot traffic, bright lights, and more than one man can see in the few days of the trade show. We started early and have been making it out to the range to try out some of the fun stuff! So, here’s Team Defender’s SHOT Show favorites—so far—that we’ve seen this year. Continue reading

SHOT New Products Spotlight: Optics

With long range shooting becoming one of the shooting world’s biggest hobby, optics have become more important for a lot of shooters. No longer able to get by with their father’s 3-9x scope, many hunters and shooters have been on a quest to find quality glass to top their rifles. Let’s take a look at some of the new optics coming out at SHOT 2017. Continue reading

SHOT New Products Spotlight: Ammunition

Guns are great, but they’re just hunks of metal, wood, and plastic without something to shoot out of them. Ammunition is always an interesting category with advances in long range accuracy, defensive stopping power, or a little of both in new hunting loads. With the NSSF SHOT Show entering its second day, let’s take a look at new entries in the ammo market. Continue reading

SHOT New Products Spotlight: Handguns

As the first day of the annual NSSF SHOT Show closes in Las Vegas, let’s take a look at some of the new handguns being announced at SHOT this year. Just like the previous year, handguns were the top selling firearms in 2016. With concealed and open carry becoming more and more popular among Americans, many manufacturers are focusing on feeding the market with some great new handguns. Continue reading

SHOT Show 2017 Pre-Show Primer

The shooting sports’ biggest industry-wide trade show, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) Shooting, Hunting, and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show is right around the corner. Kicking off on January 16th in Las Vegas, Nevada, the SHOT Show brings together retailers, distributors, importers, and manufacturers from around the world to introduce new guns, ammunition, parts, and gear. This is also a pivotal time for retailers to make agreements on future pricing for products old and new, getting the best prices for consumers. To top it off, the NSSF hosts many different speakers and workshops to support the firearms industry and maintaining our right to keep and bear arms. You can read the full program and list of exhibitors here. Continue reading

Savage Unveils Four New Modern Sporting Rifles

A couple weeks ago we reported that Savage was teasing the release of a new modern sporting rifle (MSR). Little did we know that Savage actually had four new modern sporting rifles to announce! With expert guidance from shooting professionals, these new rifles are sure to satisfy your defense, sporting, and long range needs. Check out the new rifles below. Continue reading