IWI Galil ACE Finally Starts Shipping!

The 7.62x51mm Galil ACE from Israeli Weapon Industries (IWI) has waited over 25 years to make it to the United States. At the 2015 SHOT Show, representatives of IWI announced that the rifle would begin importing sometime that year, but the rifles never materialized. That is, until a new post on IWI US’s Facebook page announced the Galil ACE rifles were finally shipping to distributors. Continue reading

Caracal Releases New Gun: Caracal EF

Some might remember the infamous Caracal pistols from 2012. The handgun equivalent of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the Caracal F and Caracal C had multiple reports of catastrophic failures in which the slide would snap in half at the ejection port. The handgun also reportedly would fire if dropped or smacked on a hard surface. This proposed multiple safety risks and the company issued a full recall. Now, they’re releasing a new “enhanced” model, the Caracal EF. Continue reading

Winter Is Coming, Are You Prepared for La Niña?

It may seem like winter is still far away, especially for those of us sweating it out in Texas, but we’re already a month into fall. Across the U.S., temperatures are slowly but surely dropping and fall and winter weather can be harsh following an El Niño season. This phenomenon, called La Niña, causes the ocean temperatures to drop from the El Niño season, and often leads to heavy snowfall, colder weather, and bitter winds. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) put out the original La Niña watch back in April, and have just updated the watch for more accuracy. Continue reading

Sig Sauer 1911 Elite Match 9mm Out of the Box to Match Review

There are many people out there that don’t want to buy a gun and then spend hundreds of dollars on replacement parts and gunsmithing services just to get it to shoot right. For most of us, we want a gun that can consistently drive tacks out of the box. And for those people like us, Patrick Kelley has the perfect review series. Mr. Kelley takes a brand new gun out of the box, gives it a quick clean and oil, then takes it out to a Steel Challenge match to see how well it performs. This time, Patrick chooses the Sig Sauer Match Elite 1911 in 9mm. Watch the video below to see the Sig’s performance. Continue reading

Defender Training Drills – Failure Drill

The Defender Training Academy is in full swing, teaching multiple classes from handgun safety to advanced combat carbine courses. The DTA Director of Training, Matt Lillis, is also starting a new program for those outside of North Texas: a series of Defender Drills on YouTube. The first segment is a “Failure Drill” for when your first few shots do not drop the assailant. Continue reading

Congress Introduces Bill to Protect Gunsmiths

Earlier this year, a State Department issued new guidance regarding firearm manufacturing and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) that lumped common commercial and hobbyist gunsmiths in with large firearm manufacturers. The result of this new regulation would be that all gunsmiths that use specialized tools or do any fitting on a replacement part for a firearm would have to register with the State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls and pay an annual fee of $2,250. Recently, both Houses of Congress introduced a bill to protect gunsmiths by moving non-automatic firearms from the “Munitions List” (controlled by the State Department) to the “Commerce Control List” (controlled by the Commerce Department). Continue reading

Scorpion full image

CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Carbine – Hands On Shooting and Pictorial

CZ first brought the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Pistol to the U.S. and it was an immediate success with the American firearm enthusiasts searching for a lightweight, reliable, and affordable semi-auto version of a submachine gun. CZ also offered a folding stock kit that included enough parts for those who wanted to create their own short barrel rifle and still be compliant with 922R. But there are many who don’t want to file the federal paperwork and pay the extra $200 for the tax stamp and registration, travel restrictions, or are unable to have SBRs in their area. For those, CZ created the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1 Carbine with a 16.1 inch barrel. Continue reading