Why Bother with a .308 Win?

Before we go any further, please extinguish your torches and put away your pitchforks. Let me be clear. I absolutely love the .308 Winchester cartridge, as well as its close-but-not-the-same brother, the 7.62x51mm NATO. I’ve been shooting both most of my adult life and it is one of the most useful and legendary cartridges of all time. The .308 firmly holds a comfortable spot in history as one of the military’s workhorses, both in precision shooting as well as crew-served weapons. It’s reliable, accurate, and most importantly, ubiquitous. Any corner sporting goods store carries it, and it deserves every accolade we can throw at it. Continue reading

Shooting Video Round-Up: Prototype Rifles, John Wick, Musical Targets and More!

We’re back with another installment of our Shooting Video Round-Up. In this series we gather together some of best videos from all around the internet to entertain our gun-loving friends. We’ve got some surprising videos (like how Buzzfeed endorsed guns), some cool new product demos, and more. So, sit back, turn your speakers or headphones on, and enjoy the shows! Continue reading

Fatal Gun Accidents Down 17%, But Cost Americans Millions

Two new studies published recently have offered a mixed-bag of news regarding firearm-related fatalities. As most gun owners know, proper storage and handling of firearms can prevent accidental deaths and injuries, though less responsible or less experienced gun owners may still lead to some unfortunate incidents. One study states Americans are spending millions of dollars on firearm injuries. Luckily, another study is showing fatal gun accidents have dropped nearly 20% from 2014 to 2015. Continue reading

Canik TP9SFx Out of the Box and into the Match Review!

After a short hiatus during the blustery Pacific Nortwest winter, Patrick Kelley is back with another Out of the Box and Into the Match review! This week he’s taking the new Canik TP9SFx for a spin. For those of you who haven’t watched one of these reviews before, Patrick takes a brand new gun, gives it a quick clean and oil, then heads to a Steel Challenge match to see how it performs. Afterwards, he usually does some 25 yard accuracy testing with different ammunition loads to see what kinds of grouping he can get with the new handgun. Continue reading

Installing the POF Drop-In Trigger: A Step-by-Step Guide

AR-15s and AR-10s are accurate rifles right out of the box, but many shooters struggle to get the most accuracy because the heavy mil-spec trigger pull using standard grade parts. Normal trigger pull weight is in specification all the way to 8.5 pounds. They can also be rough and vary in pull during the operation. It’s much harder to shoot accurately with a heavy or gritty trigger. Fortunately there’s a multitude of replacement triggers available for AR-15 owners and most are simple to install—especially the self-contained, one-piece, drop-in triggers from Timney, CMC, Black Rain, and Patriot Ordnance Factory (POF). Here’s a quick tutorial for installing one yourself. In this instance, we’ve selected the POF single-stage 3.5# straight trigger that includes the KNS Precision fire control group pins, and we’ll be installing it in a Diamondback DB-10. Continue reading