Ladies Night Out at the Clay Sports Ranch

It’s Ladies Night Out! The Clay Sports Ranch in southwest Fort Worth is host Continue reading

Ready for a Riot or Home Defense – The Combat Shotgun

Bob Campbell and Riot Shotgun

Odds are, you’ll never be in a riot or have the need to try and break one up. However, the apply named riot shotgun, also called a Continue reading

Why I Carry a Spare Magazine

I tend to open carry. It is more comfortable for me, Tennessee law allows it, I make a pro-gun statement without saying a word, and Continue reading

Short or Long: Picking the Forend Length


When the Bushmaster Dissipator model came out, it instantly became popular with Continue reading

Smith and Wesson’s Model 69 Combat Magnum

Smith and Wesson Model 69 44 Magnum with Hogue Grips

As a long-time user of Smith & Wesson revolvers, I am excited to see the things the company is doing these days. One of the most interesting handguns to come along in some time is the Continue reading

Keeping Your Eyesight Despite Eventualities

Suppressed ACR556 M4Looking at firearms in use, it’s pretty evident that plenty of gas, unburned powder, and oil droplets are in the air at once. Add to that ejected empties from Continue reading

Shooting Sports Month 2018

Defender Outdoors Participates in 2018’s National Shooting Sports Month

Defender Outdoors Signs on as 2018 National Shooting Sports Month Partner

[Fort Worth, TX] – Defender Outdoors announced its involvement in the 2018 National Shooting Sports Month in partnership with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) today. This is the second year the NSSF has held National Shooting Sports Month and the second year Defender Outdoors has participated. Created to encourage participation in the shooting sports and emphasize firearms safety, this nationwide celebration will take place throughout the month of August. Continue reading

Keeping Schools Gun Free?

There are many in the education industrial complex outraged when anyone suggests teachers, other school employees, and carry permit holders have the option to legally carry a defensive firearm on school property. Their theory is, Continue reading

How to Safely (and Legally) Buy a Firearm from a Private Citizen

Last year, a Florida man named Brown Dimas was looking to purchase a firearm. So, he did what many folks do and looked Continue reading

NRA Challenges Fraudulent Ballot Petitions in Washington

The National Rifle Association today filed a lawsuit challenging the Washington Secretary of State’s decision to certify the significantly Continue reading