FN America Introduces the FN 509

Fabrique Nationale‘s American division, FN America, has released their new firearm, the FN 509. FN’s goal was to make the 509 the most reliable handgun on the planet and according to their press release, shot over 1 million rounds during development and testing. The Firearm Blog’s Patrick Robert and one of the FN engineers visited the Defender Outdoors Shooting Center and allowed us the opportunity to shoot the new pistol. Continue reading

Reach Out Further with Defender Precision Rifle Course

Have you wanted to get into Long Range shooting or precision hunting, but didn’t know where to start? Well, now you can learn the basics and really improve your long distance precision with the Defender Precision Rifle Course. For this course, the Defender Training Academy partnered with Geordie Richardson, a 10-year competitive long range shooter and co-owner of Outback Precision Rifle Club. The Precision Rifle Course with last for two days and is geared toward the mid- to long-range hunter or precision shooter. The instructors will work with students about the fundamentals of long range shooting, reading data and the elements, as well as how to make that 800 to 1,000 yard shot count. Continue reading

Browning Releases Multiple New Black Label 1911 Models

Browning’s popular Black Label series of 1911 handguns is getting a whole lot bigger this month. Browning has announced they will be releasing six new models of Black Label 1911-22 rimfire pistols and five new models of the Black Label 1911-380 series. These new handguns join the ever popular Pro, Stainless, and Medallion Black Label 1911s chambered in .22 long rifle and .380 ACP. Continue reading

Defender After Dark: OSS Suppressors

Defender Outdoors has started a new YouTube series, Defender After Dark. The After Dark series shows some of the things the range officers get up to after the range closes up for the night. These short clips let the watcher sit in on some of our product testing and exclusive interviews with range guests. This episode, our Range Manager Josh Bohanon talks with Jake from OSS Suppressors. Utah-based Operator Suppressor Systems (OSS) was formed in 2007 and provides some of the best suppressors on the market. Don’t believe us? See for yourself: Continue reading

A 12 Gauge with AR Parts

A semi-auto 12 gauge with AR parts compatibility. I like the thought of that. Like a lot of shooters, I have a closet chock-full of spare AR buttstocks, triggers, sights, and grips. After building an embarrassingly large number of ARs in various calibers, having the freedom to use those leftover goodies to piece together something that blasts forth 12-gauge goodness sounds more than a little appealing.

Continue reading

5 Things You May Be Surprised to Know about Hunting

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) recently published a series of five infographics detailing the contributions of hunters across the United States. For those of us who hunt, we know how vital our contributions are to conservation and the economy as a whole, but there are still people who believe that hunting is detrimental to the environment. The NSSF helps put some of these fears to rest with these informative banners. Continue reading